Afford A Home Group

Afford A Home Group was founded in 2018, with our factory and main office based in Ormeau, QLD.


We specialise in towable homes that expand to double their size once setup. Our patented technology allows us to create a product that has the flexibility of a towable caravan or tiny house but gives our customers the space to feel like home once inside.

Designed by award-winning tiny home architects, we have a dedicated team with over 30 years in the building, designing and marketing industries.


We have a range of commercial and residential uses for our products, which range from 15m2 - 60m2, with prices ranging from $32,000 - $200,00. 

Meet the Team


Merv Pratt

Managing Director


Denis Bouchard

Operations Manager


Brian Ireland

Production Manager


Melissa Nikolich

Marketing Manager


Marlene Pratt



Anna Zakrzewska

Engineer & Draftsperson